Wall Mounted Boiler

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Product Description


NEW RBS 24 ENERGY. The room sealed-chamber
boiler for heating and D.H. W. production, uses
Radiant innovative designed solutions to improve
the performances, both in effi ciency and energy
NEW COMPONENTS. Among these are the
new electronic board DIGITECH® TR, the 7 l.
expansion vessel with lateral installation for an easy
maintenance, the new pump with built-in air vent
valve, the draining tap and by-pass, the new heat
exchanger with 6 exchanges passages and the
new gas valve that ensures better modulation and
NEW DESIGN. Created with a new design, RBS 24
ENERGY is equipped with a more ergonomic and intuitive
control panel and electronics with new functions.

Used For :

Domestic Hot water

Central Heating

(Radiators – Under Floor Heating)